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Posted On October 18, 2010

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…a few items –

I received the same couple questions over the weekend. And I apologize for not including them in the submissions…

First and foremost, there is NO WORD LIMIT. However please remember that this will be an online project so a story hitting 5,000 words plus may be a little hard to read. To counter that point, I do plan on putting this together into a an ebook too. But again, bottom line is that there is no word limit.

Second, you write about ANYTHING YOU WANT TO. Take a look at to see what I mean.  I want horror, fantasy, romance, etc.  That’s why I’m using two writers for each day.  Last year was fun because some people took the day and made it into a literary story while others used horror, etc.

As far as story content goes, it’s your story!  I just need something to do with your day of the song in it. 

Hope that clears things up… if not, send me an email  – but don’t wait too much longer, the days are filling up!


One Response to “To clarify…”

  1. Carrie Clevenger

    Nice site Jim, and thanks!

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