Seven Deadly Swans – (day 7)

Seven Deadly Swans


 Cecilia Dominic

I am the puppet master.


“J.B., you in here?”


I am the mastermind.

“Hey, J.B.?” 

I do not like being interrupted.

“J.B.?  Wake up!  Where do you want the swans?”

J.B., his eyes forced open by the question, lost the movement algorithms he’d imagined and bit his tongue – literally – so he wouldn’t snap at his new “assistant” Tally.  She’d not figured out yet that when he was in his creative mode, he was not to be disturbed, something she should understand as an artist.  But shoulds didn’t apply to Tally, whom he couldn’t even fire because she was his boss’ niece.  Like, she should shave her armpits so he didn’t imagine a “mew!” coming from them every time she lifted her arms and the tank tops she shouldn’t wear revealed the balls of fuzz hiding under there.

He squinted against the light she’d flicked on and saw she’ (Read More)