Miss Betsy – (day 8)


Patti Larsen

The final abduction left Miss Betsy a changed cow.

            One would never know to look at her.  She was a standard dairy Holstein, lovely white with black spots, wide ears that swayed when sounds caught her attention, soft muzzle so well designed to crop grass and munch grain.  Her long, narrow tail did the usual job of most such appendages, swishing the odd annoying fly with a soft slap.  She had a wonderful pattern on her sides that reminded most folks who admired her of Australia, but Miss Betsy didn’t pay any attention.  She was a cow, after all, with bovine goals, hopes and dreams.  Those being food, sleep and, well, the other things mammals do who aren’t particularly bright or challenged to come up with something witty to say. (Read More)

Eight Maids A-Milking – (day 8)

Chuck Allen

Ben wished he could cry, but no tears ever came. He didn’t even feel the picture he cradled in his hand. His eyes were tracing the curves on her face. Those perfect cheeks and playful dimples had brought many a smile to his face. In fact, Ben smiled just looking at the photo.

“She’s beautiful.” Jack’s voice cut through Ben’s thoughts. (Read More)