A.M. Harte

An author with aspirations trapped in the body of a chocolate connoisseur, A. M. Harte has been writing far longer than anybody’s been paying attention.

She is guilty of many things, the most visible being her online serial publishing project Qazyfiction, which is home to her two webfiction tales:

  • The Above Ground series: In a post-apocalyptic world where monsters roam the surface of the planet whilst humans cower underground, one teenage girl steps into the daylight and meets her enemy. Between Worlds (Book 2) is currently posting.
  • DarkSight: Maeve Nealon, an Irish small-town girl who has recently moved to London, realizes just how real demons can be when an everyday morning commute turns into a fight for her life.

Her short stories have been featured in The Random Eye, Flashes In The Dark, and also in Ergofiction Magazine’s brand new ebook anthology Other Sides: 12 Webfiction Tales.

Anna’s most embarrassing secret is her ineptitude when it comes to html. She thanks you for your offer of help, but there really is nothing she can do about it.

Living in London means Anna really believes a cup of tea solves everything, except for her serious commitment issues, which have resulted in an ever-expanding portfolio of work.

For the curious, more details of all her projects may be found at www.amharte.com.

Alternatively, if you have chocolate or books to give away you can find her on twitter as @am_harte, but beware — she’s a chatterbox.


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