C. Glen Williams

C. Glen Williams is an actor, musician author, producer, professional film buff, and writes the very funny comic strip “Frighteningly Pretentious Komix!” at http://fpk.thecomicseries.com. He also “hacks” the artwork for the strip, which primarily involves mercilessly plundering the public domain. His exact motivations for this are a mystery, although some people speculate it’s because it is the closest he’ll ever get to actually being a pirate without being shot at or hanged from the yardarm as a lesson to others.
His music ranges from folk to New Age. You can find his folk music at the Amazon mp3 store, and his new age music is available (starting at $1 an album) at http://www.electricridermusic.com.
He is a founding member of and regular contributor to The Kids on the Street, the self-proclaimed “The Archies of movie riffing.” Their work is available through the iRiffs store at http://www.rifftrax.com/iriffs/kids-street.
He tweets regularly as @doctorhu, and welcomes all new victi-err, followers.


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