The Protected Ones – (day 1)


Cindy Mantai

Christmas morning dawned bitter cold as Perdy struggled across the frozen brown earth. She kept her eyes trained straight ahead on a nest of tightly woven twigs and leaves, which held a clutch of 18 newborn chicks. On the icy breeze that blew suddenly across her face, Perdy thought she heard a faint peeping. Thrusting her chest toward the ground, she scurried quickly toward her waiting brood. (Read More)

THUMP – (day 1)


Jim Bronyaur


            Harold opened his crusted eyes and sighed.  It was another present.  Another gift he’d have to stare at, think about, and then get rid of.  That time of the year when the weather fought between cool and cold and rain and snow, when people flocked to stores like hordes of zombies looking for that material love to give… (Read More)