Janet Aldrich

Janet Aldrich is a relatively new writer who has caught the writing bug in its fiercest and most virulent form.

She started writing after a long layoff (like since high school) because she fell in love with an old TV series called “Combat!”, and in particular with the character of PFC Paul “Caje” LeMay. Her fiction related directly to Combat! and other stories which are back history for Caje and his family, are at http://tec4.co.cc. Yes, they’re fanfiction, but she thinks they’re pretty good stories, too.

Her writing blog (De Mon Esprit! [French for ‘Out of My Spirit’] is at http://demonesprit.wordpress.com. That’s where her Friday Flash, Three Word Wednesday and One Shot Wednesday submissions are, along with the occasional haiku, gogyohka and tanka, among other things. She ‘won’ Nanowrimo (and the privilege of rewriting her WIP next year) in 2010, so everything else went away temporarily. After a breather and substantial applications of several potent potables, she’s back on target again, including actually submitting things to editorial-type people.  Her first story to appear on the web somewhere she didn’t post herself was on http://DailyLove.com: The Sound of a Closing Door (10/28/10).

She tweets at @tec4_cleveland and is on Facebook as Janet Lingel Aldrich. Abject worshippers willing to make the odd burnt offering are appreciated, but she’ll accept regular friends and followers as well.


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