P.J. Kaiser

P.J. Kaiser stays at home with her two young children and finds time to write – generally in thirty-second increments.  She writes mostly flash fiction and serial stories in a variety of genres.  Several of her stories have appeared in print and electronic publications.  Two of her stories – “The Request” and “The Foot of the Bridge” have appeared at “Soft Whispers.”  Her story “The Turtle Dove” appeared in the anthology “12 Days 2009.”  “Halloween Guests” was selected for the “Best of Friday Flash Volume 1” anthology.   Her micro-fiction “Ditz Alert” was selected for the chapbook “Dog Days of Summer 2010 – Not From Here, Are You?”  She also assisted with editing the anthology “50 Stories for Pakistan,” which includes her story “Arthur’s Emptiness.”  In early 2010, she won the February writing challenge at “Write On Online” with her story “Waiting for Spring.”  She can be found hanging around at her blog “Inspired by Real Life.”  P.J. is also the co-moderator of “Tuesday Serial,” a weekly collection of links to the latest installments of some of the web’s best online serials.  P.J. is working on publishing a collection of her stories and is writing her first novel.  P.J. lives with her family in Hoboken, New Jersey.


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